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A Michigan based corporation

Incorporated in 1995, Oakland Yard Athletic LLC has been a trusted Michigan business for one and a half decades.
Oakland Yard Athletics has been a leader in indoor and outdoor sports promotion, and composite turf ownership and installations.

Clients can visit Oakland Yard Athletics and walk on turf fields that have been constructed on three different sub surfaces: asphalt, sand, and the conventional crushed concrete.

We have both composite fields and traditional non-infill surfaces being used daily.

Oakland Yard Turf is a complete service company for installing and maintaining synthetic turf surfaces. We offer free estimates for budgeting purposes or testing the tires, so to speak.

We can counsel you to choose the right style turf for your circumstances, factoring in your current field's condition - maybe your field is near the end of its lifecycle or maybe it can "get by" for several more years with repairs.

We are also sensitive to your financial status. Being owner/operators ourselves since 1995, investing in a new turf field is a matter of value, facility and market conditions, competition and timing. Oakland Yard offers a financing package for up to 30% of the project.

Our labor warranty is one of the best around at 2-years. Our material warranty is on par with industry standards at 8-years.

Please contact Oakland Yard Turf for a professional, competitive bid for your next turf project.

Southeast Michigan office
Marty Greenspan
5328 Highland Road
Waterford, MI 48327
 248 673 0100
West Michigan office
Philip Douse
942 Bellclaire Ave.
East Grand Rapids, MI 49506
 248 761 1220


Why companies choose Oakland Yard Turf

"We had an extremely challenging installation based on weather and a short timeline. Circumstances forced us to install the field in January, and days before the dome went up, my site was inundated with 2 days of solid rain. So instead of a rock hard base, the crew was presented with a muddy mess trapped by my footing.

The Oakland Yard Turf management went above and beyond the obligations of the written contract and offered to lead the clean-up of the water. Within 10 days, they had drained thousands and thousands of gallons of water from the mud and transformed an unusable surface into a very good one.

The installation was behind because of the drying process, and the turf crew laid the first field in 5 days so I could have a soft opening and then continued working on the second field. The fields were installed without hitch thereafter.
The management worked with me regarding the financing, enabling me to extend payments so I wouldn't extend myself.

Oakland Yard Turf did a commendable job and I would not hesitate to recommend them."

Greg Harriman
Arxco, Inc
Strong Brothers Dome

Installation Team

Finished field & crew (left to right) Aron, Chris, Aaron, Pierre (lying),
Marty, Philip, Brandon, Lou and Matt

Brandon and Aron

The most important question that potential turf owners need to ask prior to committing: who's going to work on my job site installing my field?

Brandon C. Gifford / Chief Installer, Oakland Yard Turf, Inc.

Brandon's history with installing synthetic turf goes back to 1999. Starting out as an installer of punting greens, dog runs and back yards, Brandon soon found himself installing full golf courses in the arid southwestern United States. From there he went into the exploding athletic field installation market for some of the biggest and most expensive players in the industry. This is where he stayed for the last 10 years traveling throughout the North America installing fields from Maine to Alaska to California to Texas to Canada. His career path has led to jobs with ATurf, Shaw SportExe, ProGreen, ForeverGreen and FieldTurf. He's worked on both private (indoor/outdoor) and public fields - High schools and NCAA universities. He has extensive knowledge of installing all inlaid markings - logos, lines, numbers and shadowing effects.

Personal - Brandon lives in Flint, Michigan with his 5 year-old son Cody.

All Oakland Yard Turf, Inc. athletic field installations will be personally overseen and directed by Brandon Gifford - guaranteed.

Turf Applications

Are you looking to install an indoor soccer field? Outdoor athletic field?

There are dozens of different turf products (turf with infill crumb rubber infill / short dense fiber turf without infill with a padding incorporated into the turf / turf that is exposed to the elements / different color turf) depending on the project (indoor, outdoor, sports, landscaping).

We will be happy to discuss your particular projects objectives and then recommend several turf systems to meet both your needs and budgets. After discussing your project with us, we'll UPS you several samples to closely examine.

Oakland Yard Turf can make the best recommendation for your application because we've run over 100,000+ events here at our facility and have seen first hand how versatile these products are.

Athletic Fields

Northmont High School: Thunder Bolt Logo* Cut and installed
on site as last minute add-on

Whether they're all green for private athletic facilities for maximum sales flexibility, or they're installed with standard hot glued lines for zero painting and maintenance in the future; Oakland Yard Turf can do it.

Our installation team has done some of the most complicated turf fields in the world; we can install your turf field to the same high standards as those you see here.

Oakland Yard south dome

Field Design / Layout

Northmont High School: Thunder Bolt Logo* Cut and installed
on site as last minute add-on

*This installation is not an Oakland Yard Turf installation. It was done by "Beyond The Turf".
Our lead installers, Brandon and Aron Gifford were installers on this job.

This service is included with all turf installations contracts.

Our designers will provide drawings in color showing all details of your job.

Our fields are designed keeping in mind the facility owner's need for speed of transitioning from one sport to another..

We use a variety of colored lines and reference points so you can quickly lay down bases, mounds, soccer goals, lax goals, etc without having to measure where they go every time.

Recent Projects (PDF format):

Baseball and soccer combination

A blank canvas - Turf laid out and ready for lines

Football and soccer arc prior to infill

Red dots are baseball markings for
various infield dimensions

Installing a circle is the hardest part of inserting lines

Flag football line detail

Existing Turf Removal

We have the know-how and equipment to remove any turf field cleanly

We have multiple field experience in this area.

Properly removing fields that do not cause damage to existing bases or E-layer membranes saves money.

We have the know how and experience when it comes to removing old turf fields.

32 rolls, each weighing 8,000lbs.
A total of 62,000 sq ft.

A 13-year-old composite field (sand & rubber)
past its prime

Base Preparation

Base is smooth and hard as concrete. This is a proper base.

Critical to all installations, Oakland Yard Turf can act as your general contractor during this important phase ensuring the base is completed to our specifications prior to installing the turf, or we can be hired directly as a 'one stop shop'.

Preparing the sub base correctly is the key to having your field last its maximum duration.

Outdoor installations are complicated considering the moisture issues; the design to installation process must be done to the highest standard to protect your turf investment.

Strong Brothers Field - New York
Crew thrown a curve ball upon arrival.
Sub base is a muddy mess.
No turf can be laid down properly on this base.

Strong Brothers Field - New York
Turf crew sets about clean-up. Furrows and pools
are created to gather and pump out water.
Prior to installation, site was hit with two days of solid rain.

Strong Brothers Field - New York
After 7 days, the turf crew has transformed a
muddy mess into a beautiful base ready for turf.

Installation Techniques - Panel Stitching and Hot Glued Lines

A 2-year labor warranty?! Oakland Yard Turf installs its fields by stitching them panel-to-panel using two-90lb nylon lines, making one large field that's guaranteed to stay together for years to come. Then we'll shear your lines, logos, and markings and hot glue them to your turf base panel. This will ensure your uni-body field will stay perfectly in one piece for years to come.

Gone are the days of cutting out lines and gluing panels and lines. This effectively cut your field into dozens of pieces and potential failure areas. We've found that gluing for panels does not last as long as industrial thread.

That's why we offer one of the best warranties in the industry, 2-years labor.

Strong Brothers Field - New York Football
and field hockey lines detail

First piece of turf is crucial

Hot Glue Lines

Hot glue close-up

Fields with hot-glued lines are fields that are one solid unit.

When you think about the process of having your lines cut in with seaming tape, what the installer is really doing is slicing up your field and hoping his seaming tape job holds up over time. Once the back is compromised, the potential for field failure is heightened.

When we hot glue your lines in place, we are not compromising the field's backing. When we install hot glue secured lines, we shear out the existing green turf before applying hot glue directly to the turf backing before inlaying colored lines or field markings. This glue virtually melts both backings together forming a bond that will not come apart.

Lines or markings can be ordered in most colors, please contact us for samples.

Shearing for hot glue preparation

Strips for hot glue insertion

Hot glue application

Hot glue application


The Lay-Mor used for leveling infill and brushing fibers

When hiring Oakland Yard Turf you will be contracting a company that comes to the job site with a thorough knowledge of the equipment needed for turf installation.

All equipment, from the hot glue guns to the final field leveling Laymor brush systems is either owned or leased by Oakland Yard Turf installation team. This is one of the reasons we can install complicated athletic fields quickly.

Brushing, leveling and infilling

Infilling. The Hopper!
The rubber is voluminous but light

A close up of the Lay-Mor used for
leveling infill and brushing fibers.
Note the soccer cones on this gear shift.
Those are used to mark carpet imperfections for repair