It's Game Night at the Yard!

Join us any Friday during the Winter in our North dome (the one in back), starting October 21st, for drop in game play including: Giant Jenga, Fowling (bowling with footballs), Euchre and poker, beer pong, flip-a-cup, and more!  1st 20 players are eligible for door prizes.
Our new bar opens at 7:15pm and games start at 8:00pm.  Live DJ.  No cover.  Great bar food & specialty drinks available.  Outdoor bonfire for smokers to stay warm.

Contact Philip Douse for more info

Notice:  OYA is hiring a Director of Game Night.  Contact Philip Douse for more info

Start Your Own Fundraiser

Does your team or club need help? Our goal is to help you raise funds.

Oakland Yard Athletics is happy to help your team or club raise funds to offset your indoor practice fees, tournament registrations, travel expenses, new uniforms, coaching staff, etc. We don’t care how or where your club spends the money.

We want to support the programs that support Oakland Yard Athletics

Let our event experts help you raise money. If your club is a current client of Oakland Yard Athletics, the facility is yours to use. If you are not a current client and would like to take advantage of this opportunity for a fundraising event, contact us for details.

We have lots of ideas to help to raise money

Whether you are thinking Cornhole Tournament, a Road Rally, an evening Cocktail Party for Parents on the patio, Family Day BBQ with our slip-n-slide, there are lots of ways to fundraise for your program while your families get to enjoy time bonding as a club.

We’ll help organize the event and give you several ideas on how to maximize profits

Let us help organize an event (cornhole tournament for all your parents within the club?) with food, drinks, music and lots of fun. Charge what you want per person and keep 100% of that money for your program! Use our venue at no cost. We can even provide online registration to collect the money and keep track of participants, so you don’t have to deal with that!

How Does It Work?

Oakland Yard Athletics provides the fundraiser as a free service and donates the facility, maintenance and bar staff, and assists with the registration and event organization. We do not run your event, we get organizers in a position to easily manage the event from start to finish. We will provide the needed tools to help make your event successful.

Lots of athletic organizations have detail driven members capable of running a social event or sporting competition. If this is the case, tap one of those volunteers within your organization to help execute the final night. We’ll help with the logistics, then hand off the running of the evening's activities to your group.

If your organization doesn’t have that particular person, or just chooses to have someone else run the evening's activities, consider hiring our sports management team to pull the night off flawlessly. We are happy to describe what this entails. In most instances the hiring of our team will make more money in the long run, make it more enjoyable the night of the event, and make it a more organized experience for those guests attending the evening. The cost to hire our team to run the evening's activities is $350.

You can choose to accept registrations per person or per team. Registration per person is more flexible than team as it allows a single individual (or any uneven number of persons) to register even if they do not have a matching partner at the time of sign-up (they can be teamed up the day of the event).

How Do We Get Started?

Contact our Event Planner Philip Douse and have a conversation about your vision. There are no rules to start, every event is unique. Understanding your demographic and event type is first, a close second is determining a date.

Once we have a plan put together, the following information will be needed which will be displayed on your fundraiser page:

⋆  Organizer Name:
⋆  Organizer Phone:
⋆  Organizer Email:
⋆  Event Type: (i.e. Cornhole Tournament)
⋆  Event date and time (with or without an end time):
⋆  Event Title (i.e. "Michigan Soccer Club Fundraiser at Oakland Yard"):
⋆  Registration type (per person or per team):
⋆  Price per person or per team:
⋆  Event Description: Participants will partake in a 1 day cornhole tournament for cash prizes**. There will be prizes to bid on and 50/50 raffle to raise funds for our upcoming season at Oakland Yard. **Tournament winners prizes will be disclosed the day of the event.
⋆  An optional flyer in PDF format can also be emailed to us to be linked on the registration page.

Once everything has been set up, you will be provided with a link and asked to verify the registration page. Once you approve it, your event will go “live” and you can then start distributing the registration link to your prospects.

Event Planner: Philip Douse    248 761 1220

All the events on this page are non-profit fundraisers hosted by the sponsoring club in hopes of raising funds to offset children’s sports related expenses. These events are hosted by, organized by, and overseen by the sponsoring club; these events are not promoted by the Oakland Yard Athletics tournament staff.

Please consider playing in one of these events to help raise money for the kids.

We would love to have you play in our YARD soon!

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