Special Events & Parties at The Yard

Event Planner: Philip Douse
 pdouse@oaklandyard.com    248 761 1220

Outdoor Facility Gallery

Photos: Brett Mountain Photography


Why spend the month prior cleaning, buying new furniture, stressing about the weather, and working your own child’s party?

We have everything you need: newly renovated patio bar for drinks with your friends, with new seating, stainless steel bar, fire pit and awning, the sports areas for kids to play the games they like, music, an outdoor bonfire, tables and chairs, chaffing dishes for food service, and most importantly people to clean up when the party is over!
Consider having your grad party with us. Team up with other families for the best party of the season or just throw one for your WHOLE family. We have the space!

Bar / Bat Mitzvah

For your special Bar/Bat Mitzvah day, let us tell you how we can make your event fun for all of your guests.

Whether it’s outdoors in the warm months or inside our sports dome in the cooler ones, a party at Oakland Yard will be one to remember and cherish.

Bring in your own caterer or let us organize the food, serve your adult guests just soda or Ketel One, have DQ serve Blizzards, there are no restrictions or penalties, we are absolutely flexible.

Kids can play indoor baseball with a home run fence, hit golf balls on their own golf range, have real baseball pitchers throw batting practice, dance, ride a mechanical bull, play basketball, have their hand cast in wax, host their own soccer tournament, watch a montage on a giant screen like at the movie theater….you dream it, we can help make it a reality.

Oakland Yard’s rental fee includes tables, chairs, dance floor, Pepsi fountain drinks, exclusive facility rental and more.

Photos: Brett Mountain Photography

Photos: Paul Stoloff  www.paulstoloff.photo    248 207 4678

Photos: Paul Stoloff  www.paulstoloff.photo    248 207 4678


Use our space anyway you would like. Some companies want us to help organize athletic competitions, some want our help running ‘field day’ type activities, some just want us to organize some good food and cold drinks. We’re happy to help customize an afternoon or evening for your staff, your staff and their families or your staff and your vendors. Make it easy and relaxing, give us a call and tell us your goals, we’ll make it happen.


Looking for a facility for the whole family? Do you want an atmosphere where guests can relax and play, hangout by the fire, dance under the tent and bring in your family’s favorite catering group?

Let us tell you how couples have celebrated their weddings in the past.


Oakland Yard Athletics is happy to help your team or club raise funds to offset your indoor practice fees, tournament registrations, travel expenses, new uniforms, coaching staff, etc. We don’t care how or where your club spends the money.

We want to support the programs that support Oakland Yard Athletics

Let our event experts help you raise money. If your club is a current client of Oakland Yard Athletics, the facility is yours to use. If you are not a current client and would like to take advantage of this opportunity for a fundraising event, contact us for details.

We have lots of ideas to help to raise money

Whether you are thinking Cornhole Tournament, a Road Rally, an evening Cocktail Party for Parents on the patio, Family Day BBQ with our slip-n-slide, there are lots of ways to fundraise for your program while your families get to enjoy time bonding as a club.

We’ll help organize the event and give you several ideas on how to maximize profits

Let us help organize an event (cornhole tournament for all your parents within the club?) with food, drinks, music and lots of fun. Charge what you want per person and keep 100% of that money for your program! Use our venue at no cost. We can even provide online registration to collect the money and keep track of participants, so you don’t have to deal with that!

Upcoming and Past Fundraising Events

  Saturday August 13th, 2022  -  Hogs and Harmony Village of Holly Fundraiser at Lakeside Park
  Saturday September 24th, 2022  -  Kettering Class 2023

  Friday June 3rd, 2022  -  Huron Valley Marching Band
  Friday May 20th, 2022  -  Warriors Soccer Club
  Saturday May 7th, 2022  -  Clarkston Chiefs Football
  Saturday April 9th, 2022  -  Waterford Girls Lacrosse
  Friday May 21st, 2021  -  Huron Valley Marching Band

Family Reunion

Host your next family reunion on 'neutral ground'. The kids can play the whole time while the adults socialize and reminisce.

You've got options!

⋆  Pot-Luck, Catered, or Order from our Bar & Grill?
⋆  Have a cash bar or let uncle Bob pick up the tab?
⋆  Sunday afternoon get together or Saturday night party?

We include everything to make it as easy on the organizing family as possible. Bon fire, bartender and fountain Pepsi service is all included, along with so many fun things to do!

⋆  Ride the slip-n-slide
⋆  Play volleyball
⋆  Shoot some hoops
⋆  Hit golf balls
⋆  Play corn-hole
⋆  Throw a football
⋆  Organize a soccer game
⋆  Have a Nerf battle
⋆  Run some races
⋆  Egg-toss...

The sky really is the limit!

Why stand around on Aunt Millie's deck this year? Have your family get together at Oakland Yard - we'll set-up and clean up.

For specific questions, contact our party coordinator Philip Douse

  pdouse@oaklandyard.com  or    248 761 1220