Club Fundraisers at OYA

Welcome to our club fundraiser page!

Oakland Yard Athletics would like to reward the clubs that support our leagues, tournaments and indoor training programs by providing our facility to them for free (warm months or cold) along with our 25 years of experience to organize a fundraiser where all the money generated goes back to the club to use any way they choose.

Oakland Yard Athletics is happy to help your team or club raise funds to offset your indoor practice fees, tournament registrations, travel expenses, new uniforms, coaching staff, etc. We don’t care how your club spends the money. We want to support the programs that support Oakland Yard Athletics.

Let our event experts (parties, tournaments, food and beverages) help you raise money. If your club is a current client of Oakland Yard Athletics, the facility is yours to use. If you are not a current client and would like to take advantage of this opportunity for a fundraising event, contact us for details.

Whether you are thinking Cornhole Tournament, a Road Rally, an evening Cocktail Party for Parents on the patio, Family Day BBQ with our slip-n-slide, there are lots of ways to fundraise for your program while your families get to enjoy time bonding as a club.

We have lots of ideas to help to raise money. We’ll organize the event and give you several ideas on how to maximize the event. Let us help organize an event (cornhole tournament for all your parents within the club?) with food, drinks, music and lots of fun. Charge what you want per couple and keep 100% of that money for your program! Use our venue at no cost. We can even provide online registration to collect the money and keep track of participants, so you don’t have to deal with that!

To reserve a date, please contact Philip Douse or    248 761 1220